Your unique choices …

Do you want a unique gift for someone, who is important for you?
Or do you want to treat yourself to something wonderfully special?
Are you done with mass-production, which looks all the same globally?
Then this is your place: Find a handmade lamp from the Philippines.
Individually designed and individually prepared by a team of benevolent laypeople.
Each lamp is unique in itself.
These works of art decorate your rooms in an original way
and therefore discreetly support your own individuality at the same time.

Our dedicated Team

Individual and supportive …
If you buy a lamp from us, you will not only get a one-off unique item,
that decorates your apartment or house elegantly and, above all, individually.
You will also support a large family here with your purchase,
We are using our respective talents in material procurement, drafting, design, welding,
carpentry, painting, surface treatment, shipping, customer service, billing
and bookkeeping and so on, making a living from it.
During this time, new ideas are in demand. We are happy to offer them, for our mutual benefit.

Our Products – a Choice

The prices are up to you …
We deliberately do not have a price list for our unique items.
Just send us an email about the object(s) you want.
That works automatically when you click on the respective photo.
There you tell us your asking price for the item in question.
Please note: All taxes incurred here, the shipping costs worldwide to you
and your “sponsorship share” for the family here are included in the total amount you propose.
We will then let you know whether we can accept the price and inform you about the shipping formalities.

A variety of materials …
We process everything that is available for our lamps in order to please you with them.
We search for and find for you: driftwood, old ceramics, household parts, shoes, and bags.
Auto and motorcycle parts, as well as disused electrical and electronic components, are also part of our range.
This “up-cycling” gives these parts that would normally be disposed of, thrown away, or burned,
a second life. And you get a lamp that is not available in this form anywhere else in the world.
The objects in our “small series” are all different in themselves.
And offer you and your guests a lot of joy to look at them every day.

Our News